Forensic Accounting

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We provide exceptional forensic accounting and expert witness testimony tailored to the specific needs and circumstances of your family law case.

What is Forensic Accounting?

In simple terms, we dig into financial records to determine proper ownership and value at a given time. This includes providing calculations of key data points such as spousal and child support, Marital Standard of Living, and business values.

To go a bit deeper, forensic accounting is the investigation and analysis of business and personal books & records to establish facts or evidence in a court of law, mediation or other settlement situation. Thompson Accounting provides professional forensic financial consulting and expert witness testimony of financial issues, with specialization in family law related matters.

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Our Services

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Family Law Litigation

Family Law cases often present complex issues and difficult discovery. We are experts with a proven track record of working with attorneys in the following areas:

Reimbursements & Post Separation Accounting

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We create reports that list or allocate the use of separate & community property after date of separation in order to determine any reimbursements due from one party to another.

Asset & Property Claims

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We produce reports that help you untangle & track the use of separate & community property throughout a marriage to ensure proper asset allocation to each party.

Marital Standard of Living

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These reports are used in the determination of permanent spousal support and are one of the Family Code §4320 factors that the courts consider.

Stock Option, RSU, & Retirement Plan

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We produce reports that apportion the separate and community property interests in equity compensation and retirement plans for division.

Income Available for Spousal & Child Support

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We produce reports that help determine the proper amount of spousal and/or child support based on a number of factors.

Business Valuation & Calculated Value of a Business

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We help you determine the estimated marital or fair market value of a business. While a business valuation can often be used in court proceedings, a calculated value can only be used for settlement purposes.

Civil Litigation

Civil litigation is a term that applies to any legal dispute where two or more parties are seeking monetary damages or a specific performance and does not include criminal accusations.

Partnership Disputes

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Examining financial records to determine their accuracy for litigation purposes, and providing expert testimony when necessary.

Probate Estates and Trusts

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Tracking the inflows and outflows of a trust to show total assets and their source and use. This can be used for litigation purposes or for simple account tracking for trustees.

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Why Choose Thompson Accounting

Thompson Accounting has methodically built a reputation as an objective, reliable, and accurate forensic accounting partner to our clients. We understand that in most cases our clients are coming to us for help during a difficult time in their life. Our goal is to provide clarity, relief, and objectivity during a process in which those small luxuries are often hard to find.

The Thompson Accounting approach to forensic accounting has been to create a one-stop-shop, in which clients can choose from a wide-ranging suite of accurate reports, backed by thoughtful understanding of each client’s unique needs and circumstances, and supplemented with reliable and effective expert witness testimony when needed.

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