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Your case may be complicated, but working with a dependable forensic accountant shouldn't be.

Getting Started

Our clients (and/or their attorneys) contact us at various stages of need. Some reach out when considering divorce, to better understand what that might look like financially. Other clients hire us during their divorce process to work out an objective financial agreement which will be mutually agreeable by both parties. Quite often we are contacted by attorneys on behalf of their clients or we can be appointed to represent clients by a court. Regardless of how a client comes to us, they will find the same level of reliable, pleasant and professional service.

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How It Works


We often begin with a short consultation conversation to discuss your unique situation, needs & deadlines or court dates. Once it has been determined that we would like to move forward with working together, you will complete an online New Client Intake form.

Agreement for Service

Our team will create and send you a digital Agreement for Services to review & sign. Once you digitally sign the agreement and send your retainer (which is based on our initial estimate of the work to be completed), we will be ready to get started.

Document Request

Our team will determine what financial & property records are required for our analysis and request those from you via a secure electronic method. During the reporting process we may determine the need for additional documentation. We will let you know as soon as this determination is made.

Reporting and Review

Once we have received all of the necessary documents, our staff will begin working on your reports. You will receive draft or final, professional reports as requested. We will review the results with you and/or your attorney, depending on the circumstances of your case.

Court Appearance

If part of your requested service includes appearing in court or at a settlement conference as an expert witness, we will work with the court and/or attorneys to confirm available dates.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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